We’re Adtastic Hosting and Internet Services, LLC
We design websites, host websites, market websites on the Internet and help our
customers which are mostly small businesses, succeed on the Internet marketing
their service or product.
“Cheeseburger me! She asked me what I
wanted for dinner. Maybe a steak. A
lobster tail. Some garlic shrimp? I said,
“No honey, just Cheeseburger Me!”
Typical cheeseburger excitement A classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun The double cheeseburger, double meat, double cheese cheeseburger me!
- a cheeseburger person
cheeseburger.me was created on a full stomach by low cost web hosting and custom web design company Adtastic Hosting
We designed this site mostly because we
really love cheeseburgers.
Since 1999 we have been helping businesses with their Internet marketing, ecommerce,
web site design and web hosting.
People ask us all the time who the guy in the picture with the cheeseburger is. Well, it is
either a professional actor that is really good at making himself look excited over having
a cheeseburger, or it is our head technical web support officer. And you know how those
nerdy computer types are, noses stuck in the monitor for hours and hours on end, not
even stopping to eat, until you stuff a cheeseburger in their hands!